Royals All Time All-Star Team – Part One

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With the All-Star Game being played tomorrow, it is a good time to look back at some of the participants throughout the history of the Kansas City Royals. While some of those selections may have been questionable at best, that is because there were times when the Royals simply did not have a player truly worthy of the honor.

That is no longer the case. With Salvador Perez as one of the top catchers in baseball, and only 24 years old, the Royals are seemingly guaranteed to be represented by a true budding star for years to come. Greg Holland, since taking over as the Royals closer part way through the 2012 season, has established himself as one of the best in the game. Even though he is not going to play on Tuesday due to a sprained wrist, Alex Gordon may be the best all around player in Kansas City. All three players have made the All-Star team in each of the past two seasons, and may find themselves one day appearing on the Royals all time All-Star roster.

Who is on that list? Here is the first part of the Royals All Time All-Star Roster, as determined by the number of appearances made in the All-Star Game. Today, we will look at catcher and go around the infield, with the outfield, starting pitcher and closer for tomorrow.