The Kansas City Royals Five Worst All-Star Selections

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With the All-Star Game fast approaching, fans of every team have something to look forward to. No matter how bad their favorite team may be, each team will have at least one token representative, one player who reminds the rest of the nation that while the team may be awful, there is at least one good player there. At least, that is how being an All-Star works in theory. Sometimes, on those truly terrible teams, there really is not a player worthy of being named to the All-Star squad, leading to some truly interesting choices.

As Royals fans, we certainly remember what that was like, when the token Royal was someone that definitely did not belong in the Mid-Summer Classic. Those days have seemingly passed. The Royals have a solid young nucleus and have hopefully put those dark days behind them. Salvador Perez is going to start the All-Star Game next week, with Greg Holland and Alex Gordon also making the trip. Each of those three players are among the best at their positions, and certainly worthy of the honor they received.

But what of those players who were, shall we say, questionable choices for the All-Star Game? Well, here is a look back at the five worst All-Star selections from the Kansas City Royals.