The Kansas City Royals Five Worst All-Star Selections

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1. Mark Redman – 2006

If ever there was an All-Star selection that led people to question the legitimacy of giving each team a token representative in the game, it had to be Mark Redman. Aside from his 2003 season with the then Florida Marlins, Redman had been the definition of pitching mediocrity. He was even worse than that in 2006, putting together an 11-10 record with a 5.71 ERA and a 1.587 WHiP.

It is not as though the season fell apart for Mark Redman in the second half. He was equally terrible before the break, with a 6-4 record and a 5.27 ERA, both walking and striking out 32 batters. Maybe he was selected for having a winning record on a team that ended up 38 games under .500? As it was, that was the last hurrah for Redman, who would win four more major league games in the following two seasons before calling it a career.

Sadly, the Royals really didn’t have any other options. Emil Brown and Mark Teahen were the best hitters that year, and the Royals pitching staff posted a 5.65 ERA. Still, Mark Redman???