The Kansas City Royals Five Worst All-Star Selections

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Aug 22, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers bench coach

Trey Hillman

(45) against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

2. Tony Muser and Trey Hillman

Admittedly, this is cheating a bit. No one really cares if the manager is named as a coach on the All-Star team. In fact, if a team is putting together a passably decent season, it can be a way to reward those managers with a bit of recognition. Yet, neither Muser nor Hillman were in the middle of excellent seasons.

Tony Muser was able to get the Royals within a few games of .500 in 2000, posting a 77-85 record. However, the Royals were not that great in 2001, limping to a 65-97 record. Trey Hillman, who had won as a manager in Japan and was supposed to bring those winning ways to Kansas City, also had a 65-97 record in 2009 when he was named to the All-Star team as a coach. Maybe he was given credit for the greatness that was Zack Greinke that year. Or, perhaps, there is some strange rule that mandates that, if a Royals manager is on pace for a 65-97 record, they get named as a coach to the All-Star squad.

As bad as those two failed managers were, they still do not rate as the worst “All-Stars” in Royals history. That dubious honor belongs to….