In our first show after the Roy..."/>

In our first show after the Roy..."/>

KCBBV: Season Recap and Revisiting Old Predictions


In our first show after the Royals 86-76 season concluded, we took a trip back to the past and listened to some clips from March episodes to see how close we were to getting something right.

We reviewed some of the panic about Eric Hosmer during the World Baseball Classic and discussed how much was warranted and what his path looks like now, after a strong second half of 2013.

We also talked about Luke Hochevar and how the move to the bullpen was long overdue, but that his salary makes things murky for 2014, even after a great season. We also covered some early predictions about Kelvin Herrera and Donnie Joseph, including a friendly wager (that didn’t really take off because the Royals never found innings for Joseph in the big leagues).

Other topics included Mike Moustakas headed to winter ball and his need for a wakeup call, Yordano Ventura‘s future role (and how, back in March, we were pretty close to guessing his progression to the big leagues), and the offseason’s big goals and where some players might fit (or not).

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