Reacting to All-Star Selections on the Kansas City Baseball Vault


We decided to start recording right as All-Star Game rosters were announced and while Troy thought James Shields or Ervin Santana would be the Royals All-Star representative, I thought it would be Greg Holland.

We were both pleasantly surprised to find that we weren’t close and two Royals – Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez – would be going to Citi Field for the mid-summer classic. As you can tell from the show, I was surprised that the Royals got two players in.

Following that discussion we talked about the rosters in general, including the validity of Yasiel Puig‘s All-Star case, Miguel Cabrera‘s run for another Triple Crown and the crazy season of Chris Davis.

We turned it back to the Royals by covering the Alex Gordon injury and return, Billy Butler haters, and what might happen the rest of the season. We finished up with a quick look at the minors and brought up Danny Duffy‘s continuing comeback in Omaha and where he might fit down the line.

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