Kansas City Baseball Vault: Au Revoir, Frenchy


There were plenty of ideas tossed around on this week’s Vault.

We open by talking about Jeff Francoeur, his legacy, his reputation, and his time with the Royals after the team designated him for assignment. We also talked about his replacement on the roster, Johnny Giavotella, and reacted to Sunday’s game.

Then, we discussed the rehab progress of Felipe Paulino and what contributions he might make this year. That also led to a discussion of Danny Duffy‘s potential addition this year. Tommy John surgery rehab is tricky and while some pitchers come back within a year, some don’t get fully comfortable until much later. Paulino’s had some setbacks, so we had to consider that in assessing his potential role this year.

Of course, the rotation is full right now, so that’s another question. How to get Paulino or Duffy on the roster if there’s nowhere to put them? One way might be to trade Ervin Santana. What would he return? What about James Shields? We weighed the pros and cons.

We continued by discussing June for Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon, as well as what July means for the Royals. Then we finished up by talking about Brooks Pounders‘ no-hitter and a good start from Kyle Zimmer.

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