Kansas City Baseball Vault: Getting Over May


May was a tough month. So tough. Grueling. But May is over, and all that was left was to talk about the aftermath and pick up the pieces.

We talked about the changes to the coaching staff and what trading Jack Maloof for George Brett means for the team going forward and if it means anything other than window dressing and a PR cover.

We also discussed Yordano Ventura‘s promotion, Danny Duffy‘s rehab starts, and other moves recently. That led to a discussion about whether fans are setting themselves up for disappointment about Duffy whenever he returns. The concern came from Duffy’s activity in social media, his previous work in the big leagues, and the expectation that he’s going to be back to form right away.

Then we covered the weird rain delay game, delved into the PED controversy, and hoped for better days for the Royals.

[Full MP3 available here.]

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