Proposed Royals Bobblehead Series


A few weeks ago I ranked the Royals 2013 promotions and one of the more unusual promotions was a collection of Hot Dog Derby characters, including Ketchup, Mustard and Relish. Maybe the Royals could use a hand in coming up with some new ideas for next season?

Willie Wilson has had a bobblehead before but why not feature him and other Royals in a new series. Photo by Mike Vamosi

Rookie of the Year Set – As Kansas City fans know, the team has had four Rookie of the Year winners which is a perfect number for a set. It’s an oddball set with Lou Piniella (1969), Bob Hamelin aka “The Hammer” (1994), Carlos Beltran (1999) and finally Angel Berroa (2003).

Cy Young Series – Another four-pack that the Royals could give away features the team’s pitching strength of years past. They could update the Bret Saberhagen (1985 and 1989) since the club recently did a bobblehead. David Cone (1994) and Zack Greinke (2009) are the most recent additions to this idea.

Silver Sluggers – This is the first of multiple season bobblehead series given how many KC has had in the franchise’s history. Winners here are George Brett (1980, ’85, 88), Willie Wilson (1980, ’82), Hal McRae (1982), Frank White (1986), Gary Gaetti (1995), Dean Palmer (1998) and Billy Butler (2012) will be this season so he could be excused.

George Brett Only – How about one that is nothing but George Brett? Have one with him standing on second base during his 1980 MVP season, three bats for the three batting titles he had, Gold Glove, 1985 ALCS MVP or the pine tar charge. Lastly kissing homeplate from his last game at the K make this a must have set.

Gold Glove – While Frank White sticks out when you mention Royals and defensive excellence with him winning eight Gold Gloves the team has others who could be featured. Amos Otis won the club’s first three, Al Cowens and Willie Wilson have one each. Brett was mentioned previously, Saberhagen and Bob Boone won in 1989. Ushering the current era of the team Jermaine Dye won in 2000, Mark Grudzielanek won in 2006 before Alex Gordon’s back-to-back wins in leftfield.

Postseason/All-Star Heroes – The purpose for this one is to acknowledge accomplishments that the team has had and a certain All-Star moment. While he’s shown up a lot again Saberhagen’s 1985 World Series MVP is part of this, White’s 1980 and Brett’s 1985 ALCS MVP also are part of this. Lastly Bo Jackson winning the 1989 All-Star MVP has to be featured here.

Sluggerrr and Mr. Royal –For the kids I’m sure that the team could come up with a three to four set to give away on Sunday’s which would be fun. It also be another chance to have a Mr. Royal make another appearance after showing up on a lunchbox last season.

Mr. Royal got a lunchbox last season but how about bring him back for another go around? Photo by Mike Vamosi

Royals Closers – Kansas City has had some pretty solid guys in the “closers” role and this would be the way to salute them. They can do another Dan Quisenberry who won the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year four times (1980, ‘82-’84) and while including Jeff Montgomery who won in 1993. Adding Joakim Soria might seem soon but given how much of a fan following he had it’s an easy add.

Other ideas that could be incorporated could be Bo breaking a bat over his knee. Jim Sundberg sliding into home in Game 6 in 85 could be one for a 1985 World Series set. Jorge Orta stepping on first, recreating that play and Hal McRae sliding in, spikes up. A Royals no-hitter set of Steve Busby, Saberhagen and Jim Colbornfrom the franchise history.

These are some of my ideas, which series do you think would fit into this list that I didn’t think of?