The “Process” of moving on


Dear James Shields and Wade Davis,

I wish you nothing but the best of luck and I’m happy to read that you’re both happy to be moving to the city of fountains. I’d also like to apologize for any comments that I might’ve made about your arrival to the Royals (saying you weren’t worth as much as KC traded). Sure there will be pressure on the both of you given what Kansas City gave up but you’re used to the pressure with a nick name of “Big Game James”.

Please don’t think new fan base doesn’t care please don’t think they don’t care about winning (not that Rays fans didn’t). Produce and you’ll see the K filled up. You’ve both got a great opportunity in KC be a part of ending a playoff drought that’s existed since 1985.

Let me catch you up on that number that was mentioned, since defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games to win the 1985 World Series we’ve been at a loss. Winning has been few and far between on the Kauffman side of the Truman Sports Complex we hope you can fix.

Mr. Shields I spent some time in Florida in 2008, Mr. Shields, I spent some time in Florida in 2008, a magical year a magical year for you and Tampa Bay which ended in the franchise’s first postseason appearance and a World Series. You helped that team get past the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox. Fortunately we’ve seen you continue to pitch well since that season and hope it continues.

Royals general manager Dayton Moore, newly acquired James Shields, Wade Davis, and manager Ned Yost will try and return postseason baseball to Kauffman Stadium. Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Davis this is an opportunity for you as well to stabilize the 2013 rotation at the back end. Sure you threw out of the bullpen last year but this will provide you an opportunity to start again. We think that you’ll enjoy pitching outside at the K instead of being in that dome in St. Pete also.

Hopefully, Dayton tells you how popular Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery were. Why? Because we counted on those three to be a part of a playoff push, and Myers was extremely popular with thousands awaiting his arrival.

Back to the fans: we’re a supportive group that will back you as long as we see effort being given. Sure that sounds extremely small townish but Kansas City is a community that supports our athletes as you’ll come to find out. We want to win and believe that with the both of you that we’ve got the chance to.

2013 can go multiple ways and meshing with your new teammates when spring training convenes hopefully you both fit in well. Success is hoped for and James with the offense that is expected if you throw as you to this point in your career I think everyone will be pretty happy. Welcome to Kansas City and we wish you nothing but success for however long as you wear the blue and white.


Royals fans