Kansas City Baseball Vault: The End of the Royals 2012


This week on the Kansas City Baseball Vault, we covered a little bit of everything. There were a few bright spots about the Royals play this year, though how much matters and how much is just spin was a question we tried to answer. There are still big holes to fill, especially starting pitching, and that led us to discuss the future rotation and who may be a part of it. Of course, that led us to the question of Luke Hochevar.

Comments in the Royals post-season press conference suggest that they’ll bring Hochevar back. That same conference also unleashed a whole other set of questions about the organization and how it’s looking to fix the problems.

On a brighter note, we got to talk with an Orioles fan – Neal Moorhouse – who you know as Carne Cabeza or the LuchadOriole from the final episode of the Royalman Report. He talked about Baltimore’s response to their playoff win against Texas and the feelings within the city going into the next series.

Finally, we talked with Brad Cook from Out of the Park Baseball. The new version of the game simulator is out and all the different things you can do with it.

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