Royalman Report – Talking Superfandom, Dayton Moore and An Announcement


You may have seen a man in the seats during the Royals series against the Orioles who came dressed in tights, a cape, no shirt and a Mexican luchador mask. This man, Neal Moorhouse, has been dubbed the LuchadOriole, and is one of a growing group of superfans.

This, of course, elated our own intrepid co-host, Troy “Royalman” Olsen and we invited Nea- I mean The LuchadOriole to talk to us on the show (via video Skype, no less). It was really quite something.

Troy and Chris also reviewed Dayton Moore’s recent trades and tried to grade his performance so far. They also talked about Jeremy Guthrie‘s solid performance lately, including his flirtation with a no-hitter on Sunday.

We also made the announcement that the podcast is making some changes – rather than being known as the Royalman Report, we’ll be adopting the name of the show we’d launched on ESPN 1510 AM, the Kansas City Baseball Vault. The same ideas, insight, occasional nonsense and guests that you’re accustomed to from the Royalman Report will be included the same as always. There’s just a different name, and more of a nod to the past at times. We’ll also be temporarily moving the timeslot to noon on Saturdays for the remainder of baseball season.

This Thursday, though, marks our final episode of the Kansas City Baseball Vault on ESPN 1510 AM – so it’ll live on in podcast form, rather than terrestrial radio. That final show will be at 6 p.m. CST on ESPN 1510 AM this Thursday.

You can listen to this week’s show below or download the mp3 directly.

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