All-Star Lineup For the Post-All-Star Game KC Baseball Vault Featuring Mayor Sly James


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We packed the show with fantastic guests this week. It’s fitting that just after the All-Star Game in Kansas City, we had a crew of All-Stars on the Vault.

We led off with one of the men behind the weekend, Mayor Sly James. He covered the ways the city prepared for hosting the All-Star Game and what the city learned from it. He also talked a bit about what’s going on with the Royals – the Mayor knows his baseball.

George Toma also joined us, talking about his experience at this All-Star Game and getting the field ready. He praised Kauffman Stadium head groundskeeper Trevor Vance repeatedly, and if you saw the field for the events, you know why. He also talked about catching a pitch from Reggie Jackson and getting the crown mowed into center field.

Throughout the show, we had Curt Nelson, the director of the Royals Hall of Fame, right there in studio with us and he talked about how they got the stadium ready, tracking down Mark Trumbo‘s big bomb in the Home Run Derby and he also bantered with our final guest, the voice of Kauffman Stadium, Mike McCartney.

Mike was at the stadium helping prepare all week for the All-Star Game and also shared his experiences in dealing with three different networks and his own director. ESPN, MLB Network and Fox all had their own plans for their events and Mike played his role perfectly.

We were honored to have all four gentlemen on with us, and hope you enjoyed hearing from them.

We’ll be back next week with more discussion of Kansas City baseball, past, present and future on ESPN 1510 Thursday at 6 p.m. CST.

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