The Royalman Report Talks All-Stars and Craig Brown Talks About Royals Blogging


While Chris Kamler was hanging out in 100 degree heat watching little league and Jeff Herr was on assignment, Troy Olsen and Mike Engel had an afternoon discussion about the Royals weekend problems and their bipolar play lately.

They covered the Billy Butler all star announcement, guessed at his odds in the Home Run Derby and talked about other All Star selections.

The plight of Jonathan Sanchez came up as well, and they agreed that he’s been about as bad as possible since coming to the Royals.

Things wrapped up by talking about upcoming all star events and there’s an interview that Mike did with Craig Brown (@RoyalsAuthority) of Royals Review (formerly Royals Authority) to talk about the Royals blogosphere, Royals in contention and the fans’ reactions and the Baseball Prospectus event.

Tickets to the BP event are still available

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