Royalman Report: Long Toss Discussion with Alan Jaeger and a Big Announcement


The Royals have a number of pitching prospects, but how likely are they to pan out? Other teams, like the Rangers, Rays and Braves, see a surplus of major league ready arms, but the Royals are still waiting on the likes of Mike Montgomery, Chris Dwyer and Danny Duffy to sort it out.

Jeff Herr led a discussion with Alan Jaeger about the methods the Rangers have used and the programs available to developing pitchers. He covered a lot of the long toss philosophy and outlined its importance to a pitcher’s development. Overall it was very interesting. After talking with Alan, we discussed how the Royals fit into the equation.

Then we made a big announcement. Listeners of the podcast get an early leak of the information. In the meantime, before an official announcement, you can stop by this Facebook page and follow this new Twitter account. (And you can also follow Kings of Kauffman in both places as well for the main site information.)

You can listen below or download the mp3 directly.

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