Christmas Wishes


Dear Santa,

Because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my wife and kids, I did not wait in line to talk to you at the mall. I did not sneak in to see you when we saw you at church, and I did not pull over when I saw you standing outside of the Tax Preparation Store waving at me.

I feel like I have been a good boy over the past year. I have been a good fan. I have remained positive, seeing little victories as promising signs of future success. I have been patient, hanging in there with a team that has a .404 win percentage over the past eight years. I have supported the team by buying tickets to games, and pricey concessions at those games. I have bought merchandise for my family and me so I can physically wear my pride on my sleeve. I have defended my team against friends and foes when they poke fun at my team. I tell people to have faith, while convincing myself to do the same.

I follow this team really closely, and wish I could do more to contribute to their success. As a fan though, all I can do is cheer, read, watch, and write. I know that you and your elves can see that.

Therefore Santa, I am writing you to let you know my Christmas Wishes. I know you’ll be busy tonight, but I’m hoping that my name is on the Nice List, and when you drop off presents for my two beautiful girls, you remember my request as well.

What do I want? I want a winning season for my team. It’s been such a long time since it happened – eight full seasons now. In fact, it was another eight seasons prior to that where it happened. That’s one winning season in the past 17. I don’t feel like I’m being greedy, so I hope you will take that into consideration. It’s not like I’m asking for a Division Championship or a World Series appearance (though, if you brought those, I wouldn’t be mad). I’m not asking for the Royals to have five players on the AL All-Star Team at Kauffman Stadium in July. I’m not asking for Eric Hosmer to win his first MVP Award. Just a winning season. 82-80.

I know a lot of things are looking up for my team. We’ve got some great prospects who are poised to contribute to future success. Dayton Moore and his staff have made a couple of good acquisitions this offseason. We had a group of rookies who played a large role in 2011 and gained some valuable experience. We have a couple of solid veterans who can provide some consistency and leadership in the clubhouse. New coaches in the dugout should bring a new set of eyes to the struggles we’ve endured. The pieces are in place, we just need a little Christmas magic to help tie the whole thing together.

So there you have it. A personal letter from me to you on this Christmas Eve. I know you’ve got a full slate tonight, and I hope my request isn’t too late. Just to be safe, I’ll print this letter out and leave it by the milk and cookies. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy your much deserved time off in January.

P.S. – say hello to the elves for me.


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