The Royalman Report – 7/31/2011: #CountryBreakfast


This week’s Royalman Report was Twitter-heavy, what with @fakenedyost in studio and Ross Martin (@pcbearcat), sports editor of the St. Joseph News- Press, joining on the phone.

We discussed the trading deadline, Billy Butler’s recent hot streak, the birth of #CountryBreakfast and read submissions of Rejected Royals Promotions on the air.  We also briefly discussed Troy “Royalman” Olsen’s inclusion in Wednesday’s Blog Your Way to the K event (which our own Ryan Wood will participate in as well).

If you listen to just one episode of the Royalman Report this year, make this the one!

Ross’s full account of the birth of the Country Breakfast nickname for Billy Butler is available for your reading pleasure on Pine Tar Press.

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