Expansion – Another New Writer In the Mix


No, that’s not a repeat of last night’s announcement – Kings of Kauffman is growing in every possible way. With the season approaching, I don’t want to miss anything and I want to present multiple perspectives to Royals news and goings-on.

Hence, I want to welcome the second of our new writers, Jeff Herr. I hope you enjoy his stuff and Gage, Kevin, myself and newly-added Ryan Wood are glad to have him aboard.

We’re also expanding beyond mere pages, as evidenced by Sunday’s new podcast – the Royalman Report co-hosted by Troy “Royalman” Olsen and myself.

But I don’t want to steal the spotlight from Jeff. I want our readers to get a chance to know our new staff, and like Ryan last night, Jeff has the floor to tell you about himself:

"Hello everyone, my name is Jeff Herr and I am definitely excited to be contributing to Kings of Kauffman! I have been a Royals fan all my life and my fandom was passed down to me by my father who will be a die-hard Royals fan forever. I have always enjoyed writing and feel that I have an interesting viewpoint that I will provide to Kings of Kauffman and look forward to providing it so everyone can read what I have to say.My first Royals memory is kind of cheating because it’s not really my memory, but a story that I have heard many times. Being born in 1985, I was around 6 months old when the Royals won the World Series. My parents had acquired tickets to Game 7 of the World Series where everything was on the line. They got a babysitter for me and my sisters and made their way out to what was at the time Royals Stadium. They saw the Royals take home the crown and then stormed the field with the rest of the fans in what is definitely one of my parents’ greatest sports memories of all time.Growing up in Kansas City I have never been lucky enough to actually see the Royals make a playoff or World Series run, but I have been given hope through hearing my dad talk about the ‘glory days.’ From 1976-1985 my dad always talked about how good the Royals were in those years. It was always great to hear my dad tell me about the 1980 run, the 1985 World Series win, and to see him talk of how great the 1977 team was even though they weren’t able to get to the World Series. I have heard my whole life about how the Royals were one of the best organizations in the league for a that time span and look forward to having that time return to Kansas City.As for what my great memories of the Royals are, there are a few that stick out in my mind. There were always the great times with my friends on my baseball teams as youth going out to the games and there are great times now going out with friends and family. My parents have a split season ticket package so I usually get to go out to a good number of games each year. One of my biggest moments out at the K was when I attended a game that Buck O’Neil was at before he died. They showed Buck on the jumbo tron and every single person in the stadium gave him a standing ovation and they had to stop the game. It was a truly great moment that showed how passionate KC fans are and how much we appreciate the history and game of baseball.By day I am an accountant so numbers have always been a forte of mine and I think it’s one of the more interesting parts of baseball how numbers can tell so much of the story. I will try to back up my opinions as much as I can with the numbers in my writing but I feel that I am enough of a sports fan in general that I also have the ability to take a step back from the numbers and give an overall perspective that everyone will be able to understand and relate to. This is what I hope to contribute to Kings of Kauffman as a writer. Hopefully you all will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it."

Jeff and Ryan will be posting their initial articles on Kings of Kauffman in the coming days, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for those (while we wait for the season to start).

You can follow Jeff on Twitter at @TheJeffReport.