Over the  weekend, the Royals traded Zack Greinke and brought in four youngsters with an eye towards bolstering their long-term Process.

Here at Kings of Kauffman, we have added some new blood of our own.  I would like to introduce to you our newest contributing writer, Austin Alonzo.  Austin joins myself and Gage in our mission to provide our readers with opinions, updates, insight and general shenanigans about the Royals.  Want to know more?  Well, I had Austin whip up a short bio to tell you more about himself:

“Hi, I’m Austin Alonzo. I’m a 21-year-old junior Convergence Journalism and Spanish major at the University of Missouri – Columbia from Kansas City, Mo. I’ve only seen the Royals manage one winning season during my short life, and most of my heroes have been traded away or left during free agency, but I still love those bums.

I grew up in Raytown, Mo. about 15 minutes away from the Sports Complex and I always loved when my Dad would take the family to a game, or when me and a couple of friends would snag some cheap seats and give the opposing outfielders and fans hell for 9 innings.

Being a Royals fan has brought me little more than pain and embarrassment, but I do my best to remember the good times. When we…uh…um…Well, the good times are coming right? I do my best to have faith in the direction of the team, and the stockpile of prospects gives me reason to believe, but I am enough of a pessimist to call ‘em like I see ‘em, too.”

We’re glad to have Austin aboard, and you should see his first article on Kings of Kauffman in the very near future.

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