FtFP: Kila Ka’aihue, John Buck, and some Sluggerrr Snacks


In this edition of From the Fish Pond; some stuff on Kila, the new Monty, and a bunch of other stuff to pass along.

Yesterday’s This Week in Prospects (TWiP) column over on Call to the Pen touched on two Royals, Mike Montgomery and Kila Ka’aihue.  TWiP wasn’t the only place that Kila’s name came up recently.  Marc Hulet (FanGraphs) wrote an article today about how Ka’aihue would fit in with the Mets or Orioles.  Both articles speculate that it wouldn’t take much to pry Kila away from the Royals organization, but I completely disagree with this notion.  Clearly the Royals haven’t given him the chance that he deserves, but if Dayton Moore thought that little of Kila’s ability I think he would have already been dealt at some point in the last season or so.

In Toronto, John Buck mentioned the no-no.

"Buck had just broken one of baseball’s oldest and most-respected taboos. No-hitters are like Fight Club. The first rule: You don’t talk about them in the dugout."

Beyond breaking one of baseball’s golden rules, Buck has been scuffling a bit at the plate.  He’s got 4 doubles and 1 home run in his first 34 plate appearances, but he also has 13 strikeouts to go with only 1 walk.  His slash stats amount to 0.226/.265/.452.  The SLG is solid, and his OPS+ is 92, but that OBP makes Yuniesky Betancourt look like … ah … never mind.


Some Tasty Sluggerrr Snacks:

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