Call to the Pen now up and running!


I am very pleased to announce the launch of our new general baseball site, Call to the Pen.  I published the introduction and welcome post about an hour ago and our first featured column will be up tomorrow.  After that, things should really start rolling with most days featuring a minimum of two to three posts.

If we achieve our initial goals, the content should pile up quickly over there, and we have some really talented writers helping me provide content.  I hope the site will earn a spot in your baseball reading routine.  All 30 MLB teams will receive their share of coverage.

Kings of Kauffman will still receive a good chuck of my writing time and attention but due to my work over on the new site, my post volume will drop off a little.  I can’t say for sure how things will play out, but as of right now I intend to publish content here 5-6 times a week, between Monday and Friday, and dedicate most of my weekend writing time working on my Sunday column for Call to the Pen.

As you know, Mike Engel has already come on board to the Kings of Kauffman team and got off to a great start.  In the next day or so, I will be announcing the arrival of another new writer to help ensure the long term health and productivity of this site.

(Wally Fish is the lead writer for Kings of Kauffman and Call to the Pen.  He is also FanSided’s MLB Director.  Subscribe to his RSS feed and add him on Twitter to follow him daily.)