Omaha Royals New Ballpark


Came across this article in the Omaha World Herald as I was looking for something else.  Click here to read the article by John Ferak which was published today.

Having lived 5 years of my life in Omaha, 2 of them in West Omaha, while attending Creighton University, I support this move 100%.  Rosenblatt Stadium is pretty cool for the College World Series but it does not benefit the Omaha Royals in the least.  The stadium is simply too big to host minor league baseball and lacks the feel of a minor league venue.  Building a 6,000 seat minor league specific stadium will make O-Royals games more enjoyable and place them in a more intimate setting.  The new, smaller stadium will allow fans to feel more involved and closer to the action.  With a smaller stadium there could also be an increase for the demand of tickets and turn Omaha Royals games into a destination again.

Rosenblatt Stadium, for its part, will soon be a thing of the past.  Last April the NCAA agreed to keep the CWS in Omaha for 25 years provided the city constructs a new downtown stadium.  The NCAA expects the new stadium to be in place and ready for the 2011 CWS.  Rosenblatt is set to be demolished as soon as the downtown stadium for the CWS is completed.  The Henry Doorly Zoo is set to take control of the land and turn it into parking to allow for future expansion in other areas.

If they make this all happen I smell a road trip to check it out!