Why a big September is crucial for these 3 KC Royals

A trio of Kansas City players need to do well this month.
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A solid September should solidify Michael Massey's status with the KC Royals

Like Jackson Kowar before him, an excellent minor league track record propelled Michael Massey to the majors. And like Kowar, Massey hasn't enjoyed the kind of success in the big leagues that he did in the minors.

But their cases are different. Kowar's struggles keep him bouncing back and forth between Kansas City and Omaha, while save for the few games he played during a short return to Omaha and a subsequent injury rehab assignment, Massey hasn't seen a minor league pitch since the Royals called him up last summer.

But Massey's stay in The Show hasn't been flawless. Consistently cool is the hot bat he maintained in the minors — he's slashing .224/.267/.356 after going 0-for-2 against Boston Sunday, and .230/.281/.363in 161 games since breaking in last year.

Unless they improve, those numbers, and a decent glove (he's made only six errors in 593 second base chances) may not be enough to provide the kind of job security Massey undoubtedly covets. And although he seems better suited to be a Whit Merrifield-type super-utility player, newcomer Nick Loftin, Kansas City's fifth-best prospect per MLB Pipeline, could give Massey a run for his money at second.

Massey, then, bears watching this month. Only in May did he hit well (.319) before batting .118 in June, .215 in July, and .228 in August. Improving significantly at the plate as the season winds down would behoove him.

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