Who are all these catchers in KC Royals spring camp?

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An award-winning catcher is hoping for a 2023 KC Royals roster spot

Last season was an odd one for new Kansas City catcher Jakson Reetz. A third-round pick of the Nationals and a veteran of eight minor league campaigns, Reetz began the year at Milwaukee's Biloxi Double-A affiliate and earned an early July promotion to Triple-A Nashville by belting 22 homers, driving in 58 runs, and slashing an excellent .281/.392/.636 in 64 games.

Nashville didn't work out as well for Reetz; although he hit three homers in 19 games, the Milwaukee organization cut him and his .212 average loose in August. He ended up signing with the Royals and batted .257 with five homers and 15 RBIs in 21 games at Omaha. Reetz became a free agent but re-signed with the Royals in December.

So, what made Reetz's 2022 campaign odd? It certainly wasn't playing for three teams, which is pretty common in the minor leagues these days.

Instead, it was the big award he won: despite the Brewers letting him go, he won the Southern League's Most Valuable Player Award for his performance at their Biloxi farm club. Not many MVPs lose their jobs.

That honor, and the numbers behind it, suggest Reetz may have a major league future. And that could be with the Royals, for whom he's 1-for-4 with an RBI this spring, if Fermin falters. Time will tell.

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