Which five players have the most games played in a KC Royals uniform?

The list harkens back to the golden age of KC Royals baseball.
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1. George Brett 2,707

10th most games among single-franchise players

When it comes to defining the Royals and their rich baseball history, one name stands above all others: George Brett. A legendary figure in the world of baseball, Brett's illustrious career with the Royals left an indelible mark, and his influence on the game endures to this day.

Brett's career with the Royals spanned an astonishing 21 seasons, making him one of the game's most enduring and beloved figures. Throughout his time in Kansas City, he was a beacon of consistency, earning the title of Royals Player of the Year an incredible eight times. His remarkable achievements extended far beyond the confines of the team, as he etched his name into the annals of baseball history.

A 13-time All-Star, Brett's talent was undeniable, and his accolades spoke volumes about his prowess on the field. He was awarded the American League MVP in 1980, a testament to his extraordinary contributions to the sport. His defensive skills were equally impressive, earning him a Gold Glove in 1985.

Brett's ability to excel at the plate was truly remarkable. He became the first player in Major League history to capture a league batting title in three separate decades, achieving this feat in 1976, 1980, and 1990. His consistency and adaptability set him apart as one of the game's greatest hitters.

Perhaps the pinnacle of Brett's career came in 1985 when he carried Kansas City to the organization's World Series championship. His heroics in the American League Championship Series, where he batted .348 with three home runs, and his stellar performance in the seven-game Fall Classic against the St. Louis Cardinals, where he maintained a .370 batting average, solidified his legacy as a clutch performer in the most critical moments.

In 1999, Brett quickly joined his brethren in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. His induction garnered an astonishing 98% of the votes, a reflection of the profound impact he had on the sport.

George Brett's career statistics are a testament to his greatness. He finished his illustrious journey with 3,154 hits, a record that still stands as the highest among all third basemen and the 15th-highest total among all position players. Notably, his .390 batting average in 1980 remains the best by any MLB player since Ted Williams finished 1941 with a .406 mark.

Even today, George Brett continues to be an integral part of the Royals organization, serving as their vice president of baseball operations. His enduring connection to the team and the sport he loves ensures that his influence will be felt for generations to come

George Brett's career stats with Royals

At-Bats: 10,349
Runs Scored: 1,583
Hits: 3,154
Home Runs: 317
Runs Batted In: 1,596
Walks: 1,096
Strikeouts: 908
Stolen Bases: 201
Batting Average: .305
On-Base Percentage: .369
Slugging Percentage: .487