KC Royals history: 8 best games of Hall of Famer George Brett

The KC Royals legend has stat lines modern players can only dream of. But, what moments set George Brett apart from the rest?
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Not many franchises have a clear-cut greatest player in their history. The KC Royals, to their benefit and detriment, do not have a debate about whether third baseman George Brett is the Royals GOAT. Rather, they can debate if the franchise cornerstone should have more MVP trophies on the shelf.

KC Royals legend George Brett had plenty of special games in his career.

The West Virginia native has played for or been around the Royals for most of his life, starting when the Royals drafted him 29th overall in 1971. He broke some records and made some history—you know, normal George Brett things. He currently serves as the Royals Vice President of Baseball Operations, a position he started after retiring following the 1993 season. The Hall of Fame has his place in Cooperstown's hallowed halls, earning a better voting percentage than legends like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Stan Musial. That is pretty great company to be ahead of.

Brett's 88.6 career WAR ranks 31st all-time among position players and is more than any active position player. That speaks to a great career, but there are some games that would blow today's fans away to see in Kauffman Stadium. Let's look back on those games and what made them special.