Some good, some bad for 5 former KC Royals

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They come and go, these players the KC Royals acquire to ply their trade in Kansas City. Those who play well and fit the club's conservative budget can enjoy long stays while others, because they can't cut it in the majors, or can but want more money than the Royals will pay, leave.

Some who depart find more success with other clubs than they did with the Royals; others don't, and disappear into the minors, or simply leave the game altogether.

How are five familiar ex-Royals faring this season? Let's find out.

A former KC Royals star might be watching his career come to an end

It's been exactly a month since the Chicago Cubs, the third team for whom Eric Hosmer has played since he left Kansas City for free agency after the 2017 season, designated him for assignment, and 25 days since the Cubs released him after he cleared waivers. And despite his four Gold Gloves, a Silver Slugger, and an All-Star Game appearance, it's looking more and more like Hosmer's 13-season big league career might be over.

No one has signed him, which is a bit strange because he's such a low-risk proposition. The Padres remain on the hook for the remaining bulk of the eight-year, $144 million deal he signed with them before the 2018 season, so any team signing him is obligated to pay Hosmer only a prorated share of the major league minimum salary, meaning he'll come cheap. Philadelphia was a rumored potential destination for Hosmer, but nothing has panned out on that, or any other, front.

Moving on to a pair of sluggers...