On This Day: Bo Jackson with another amazing feat for KC Royals fans

Bo Jackson made some stellar plays while in a KC Royals uniform. One occurred on July 29, 1988.
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KC Royals fans are well acquainted with how amazing Bo Jackson was on the diamond. In fact, the team commemorated one of his defensive highlights this year with a pretty sweet bobblehead. But, back on July 29, 1988, Jackson found another way of making a home run look easy.

KC Royals star Bo Jackson had a memorable home run on July 29, 1988.

The Royals held a 3-1 lead over the Baltimore Orioles in the top of the fourth inning. The Royals were flirting with a .500 record in the season's second half, while the Orioles were firmly below the Mendoza line. But, it was still a July Friday night at Memorial Stadium. The teams don't have to be great for baseball to be fun. Jackson came to the plate with Frank White and Pat Tabler on second and first, respectively. Orioles pitcher Jeff Ballard had an 0-1 count on Jackson, but that did not last long.

Baseball players can relax a bit prematurely, both mentally and physically, when asking for a timeout. The batter initiates a timeout, but it is up to the umpire to grant said timeout. A batter needs to be ready until they hear the umpire pause play and grant a timeout. Against Ballard, Jackson clearly requested a timeout around the same time Ballard started his pitching motion. Yet, the umpire does not grant the time out, and it doesn't matter. Jackson still muscled one over the left field wall, giving the Royals a 6-1 lead against the Orioles.

The Royals held on to win 6-2 in that game, in front of 24,795 fans. Kansas City ended that season with an 84-77 record and was third in the AL West. Jackson ended with his best season in baseball so far. He had 25 home runs, 27 stolen bases, and a .758 OPS, all of which were then-career highs. Jackson received his first All-Star selection the following season, but the legend was well on his way to great things in 1988.

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