KC Royals will be sellers if these 5 players don’t step up now

The road trip was a real bummer, man.
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SS Bobby Witt Jr.

As shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. goes, so do the Royals. He may be just one man in the lineup, a cog in the baseball machine. Undoubtedly the most impactful young player in Kansas City, Bobby Witt Jr.'s hitless performance in Texas marked a new low for the Texas native.

Everything regarding the phenomenon will be graded on a curve. Many would take his team-leading 15 hits and .263/.288/.386 line as a win, but it is a far cry from Witt's production much of this season. The road trip wasn't kind to Witt, seeing his .330 batting average fall to .311 within nine games, capped off with three hitless appearances against the Rangers.

Looking at the overall month-to-month trend, Witt hasn't considerably cooled off. Yet, we Royals fans know how far Witt can take this team when he is hot. His home run against Oakland on June 20 was the game-winner, and his triple against the Mariners on June 7 capped off a furious comeback. Witt can keep the offensive churning out runs in multiple ways, so his value will always be, well, invaluable.

Witt almost certainly misses his running mate at second base, Michael Massey, but life goes on. Witt has not looked as sharp at shortstop recently, but not much of the Royals squad has in that same span. A reset at home must be the respite Witt needs to regain his form.

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