KC Royals will be sellers if these 5 players don’t step up now

The road trip was a real bummer, man.
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P John Schreiber

Time and time again, I have lauded pitcher John Schreiber as Kansas City's savviest offseason acquisition. This team needed to improve in the margins and win in minor trades, and the reliever's strong start to the season looked like such a win. But the veteran's pitching the last two weeks has been anything but a win.

The 30-year-old righty has allowed 11 earned runs across his last 11 games, dating back to May 26 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Heading into that contest, Schreiber was a stingy reliever, allowing just two runs across his first 20 appearances for the Royals. His sudden downturn was sharp enough to cause whiplash, leaving Royals fans wondering where the bearded bullpen arm that stifled opposing lineups went.

Schreiber flashed elite strikeout stuff across his three seasons in Boston, but that hasn't materialized in Kansas City. His 5.93 K/9 is among the lowest marks in the league and only looks worse considering he has walked more batters than he has struck out since June's beginning.

This could be the 2024 game-level results evening out for Schreiber, but his value earlier this season was unmatched in Kansas City's bullpen. If the Royals are to avoid completely tearing their bullpen down to nothing and restarting, like they did this offseason, Schreiber is one player who needs to turn things around fast.