KC Royals: One important trade detail about Salvador Perez

Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

This is not to say the KC Royals should trade away catcher Salvador Perez this season. But fans should realize the team cannot force the franchise star out of Kansas City without his consent.

The 2023 Royals could be out of playoff contention soon, or once this summer's trade deadline rolls around. That has been the team's story at each trade deadline for the past six years. Now and then, Royals fans chirp up and suggest the team trade away Perez. After all, the 32-year-old catcher is likely in the final years of his career. That career has only seen Perez in Kansas City, with a World Series championship, multiple Gold Gloves, and even more memorable moments. But, all the smiles and good vibes cannot pay for Perez's remaining contract.

KC Royals fans need to remember the team cannot trade Salvador Perez without his permission.

Perez's current contract runs through 2025, with $62 million remaining. There is a club option for Perez in 2026, which will be the age-36 season that would pay him $13.5 million. Large contracts and the Royals work together as well as peanut butter and nails; sweet at first, but always causes hurts way more. The financial aspect, plus letting Salvy play for a contender again, are the main motivators behind any flitting trade suggestion.

But, no matter how dire things get, Perez has the right to decline any trade away from Kansas City. That is because of his 10-and-5 rights, something Salvy has earned in his long MLB career. 10-and-5 rights are for players with 10 years of MLB service time, plus spending the past five seasons with the same team. Players with those rights "can veto any trade scenario that is proposed", as defined by the MLB Glossary. Salvy is currently above 11 years of service time and is very much a recipient of these rights.

As fans gripe and have little faith in this front office, know that Salvy is not going anywhere anytime soon. That is unless he chooses to do so.

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