KC Royals: 2 players who will be traded this season

Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports
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Look, the KC Royals bats have been unquestionably hot in May. The offensive surge offers Royals fans a glimmer of hope, but the hole is too deep already for Kansas City to climb out of. This team was looking to the 2024 season from the jump, with team leadership calling this an "evaluation season". It has made for a very young team overall, bringing equal portions of intrigue and frustration.

Trade rumors are already swirling around the KC Royals. It is May for crying out loud.

The team's early-season struggles have caught the attention of other teams too. There are some veteran players that could both help contending teams and net the Royals more prospects. Now, trades this early in the season are very rare and equally difficult. Major league free agents that sign MLB contracts receive an automatic no-trade right until June 15 of the following season under the collective bargaining agreement. While it can be waived, that is the player's decision and not the team's.

The trade deadline is not for nearly three more months, but Kansas City will surely be a seller. If the Royals had to start dealing today, who would be on the move from Kansas City?