Freddy Fermin continues to prove his value to the KC Royals

Kansas City's backup catcher is enjoying another good season.
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Consider me a big fan of Logan Porter. He's a fine catcher the KC Royals keep at their Triple-A affiliate in Omaha, a spot he's come to know well after spending parts of three minor league seasons there. I like his style behind and at the plate; that he's slashing .340/.462/.596 for the Storm Chasers this year doesn't hurt, either.

Reluctantly, though, I've all but resigned myself to the notion that the Royals do not, for whatever reason or reasons, share my enthusiasm for Porter, whose career numbers through Friday night include a .462 OBP and .279 average. The Royals gave him his first big league shot late last September when a finger fracture ended what was left of primary Salvador Perez backup Freddy Fermin's season; he went 6-for-31 in 11 games and belted his first, and so far only, major league homer.

Those 11 late-season appearances don't provide enough data upon which to judge Porter's ultimate suitability for the majors. But the Royals haven't shown much interest in bringing him to Kansas City for any extended period, which suggests they won't. That disappoints me. Perhaps it's time the club found a trade partner interested in making him a major league catcher.

I take heart, though, knowing the Royals are in good hands with Fermin; if I can't have Porter, I'll take Fermin any day of the week.

Freddy Fermin is a good backup for Salvador Perez

I wasn't convinced Fermin was the right choice when the Royals so obviously made him Perez's backup early last season, but that he was slashing .314/.448/.674 at Omaha and had played three times for Kansas City in 2022 game me hope.

Fermin didn't let anyone down. He homered nine times, drove in 32 runs, hit .281, and had a 108 wRC+ when he broke that finger. Defensively, he threw out 16 of 35 would-be base stealers — 87th percentile per Baseball Savant — and was in the 92nd percentile in blocks.

Simply put, Fermin was impressive and gave the Royals an excellent go-to on those days and nights Perez wasn't behind the plate. I unhesitatingly gave him an A for the season.

Fermin hasn't let up this year. He's played in 32 of the club's 59 games and is hitting .297 with a nifty .347 OBP, and has gunned down five of the eight opponents who've dared to run on him.

There's also the good moment Fermin had during the Royals' 11-8 loss to San Diego Friday night. Recognizing his club had little chance to make up the eight-run deficit it faced going into the ninth inning, KC manager Matt Quatraro elected to replace Perez with Fermin to start the frame (and to have Nick Loftin pitch it); Perez made the final out of the Royal eighth, rendering all but nil the possibility Fermin would see the inside of the batter's box before the evening ended.

But Kansas City defied the odds and Fermin found himself batting with the bases loaded and the score 11-6. He came through, drilling a two-run single to center that reduced the Padres' lead to three.

He continues to get the job done.

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