Breaking out, bouncing back and breaking down: 2 KC Royals who fit each category

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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Spring training is on the horizon, and the KC Royals are gearing up for the upcoming season. The team remains one of the more active teams in free agency, a welcome change and reaction to the 106-loss season in 2023.

The Royals faced their share of unexpected challenges in the previous season. As its management has stated, Kansas City is unwavering in its resolve to advance in 2024 now that that difficult time is behind them. Given the moves made during the offseason, there's optimism that the team's performance will be more robust than in the previous half-decade.

The KC Royals are looking to rebound in 2024, but how will some players fare?

The Royals boast a crop of promising young talents, especially on the offensive front, who seem poised to make their mark. Nevertheless, the team's pitching unit leans towards the more experienced side, particularly in the starting rotation. Their additions of Michael Wacha and Seth Lugo will shape the trajectory of their season, one that could lead to an AL Central crown.

Alongside emerging stars, several players could rebound in 2024 after underwhelming performances by their standards in the previous season. Conversely, some might face challenges, whether due to age catching up or the sustainability of their previous stats coming into question.

An MLB team will rarely have a perfect season, one where all players meet expectations or surpass them. There will be groups of players who regress, stumble, and emerge, all three affecting the Royals' 2024 outcome. Who are two players who fall under each category, and why do they fit the bill?