Bleacher Report floats high-risk, high-reward trade for KC Royals outfield

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We are months away from the 2024 MLB trade deadline, but the San Diego Padres and Miami Marlins making moves early makes anything seem possible. The Padres traded for two-time batting champion Luis Arraez on May 4, freeing the second baseman from a Marlins team mired in the NL cellar. Several Miami Marlins players will be on the move this season, and the KC Royals could look to acquire one or two of them. Taking it a step further, Bleacher Report linked the AL Central team with star Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Indeed, lead MLB writer Zachary Rymer confidently named Kansas City as the optimal landing spot for the versatile ball player. Chisholm will undoubtedly attract interest around the league, yet Rymer's valuation of Chisholm is detached from reality.


The Royals have an unproductive outfield, and Chisholm would be a valuable addition. His above-average bat is evident, reaching its peak with a remarkable 136 wRC+ in 2022. Notably, his walk and strikeout rates have both shown improvement in 2024, indicating the 26-year-old is making strides in his plate discipline. But Chisholm's calling card has always been his speed on the basepaths. He is on pace for 35 steals this season, having eight in 37 games this season.

Kansas City's outfield is holding this team back, but Chisholm isn't a surefire solution warranting Rymer's proposed price tag. Chisholm hasn't appeared in more than 100 games since 2021, thanks to various injuries. He was an All-Star in 2022 but hasn't come close to that level since. Since Opening Day 2023, Chisholm has performed slightly above average at the plate but has struggled defensively, nearly being a liability in the field. His recent resume is hardly worth the Royals surrendering three of their top prospects.

Jazz Chisholm Jr.'s possible price tag is too steep for the KC Royals.

Mitchell, Mozzicato, and Wallace have all shown significant improvements this season, highlighting their value to the team. Mitchell and Mozzicato may be years away from The Show, but Wallace is closer than you may think. All have very high ceilings and prospective roles with the Royals.

Bleacher Report isn't suggesting a low-level prospect lost, like David Sandlin in the John Schreiber trade. These are two of Kansas City's last three first-round picks, along with Wallace, another highly-drafted player and polished third baseman. This trade proposal is absurd and unrealistic, reminiscent of content you'd expect from anonymous social media commentators rather than a viable transaction.

Kansas City is winning and absolutely needs to be inquiring about players this spring, especially since the hot stove is heating up. They inquired about Arraez before the Padres acquired him, showing that general manager J.J. Picollo is not waiting until this summer to add players. However, this trade does not align with the actions of a savvy front office.

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