Best ways KC Royals fans can save money at Kauffman Stadium

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Increasing costs for fans is one of the worst trends affecting all professional sports. Whether it be parking, tickets, or merchandise, there are several ways a sports team can milk paying fans for money. The KC Royals are not an exception to the rule, but MLB teams have a thin line between exploiting fans or giving them a good deal. Promotions and great matchups will get fans through the gate, but how or if they spend money afterward is tough.

The KC Royals give some value back to their fans.

Absurd parking fees and overpriced, low-quality Fanatics jerseys in the team store are always under fire. But there are recent changes that help fans visiting Kauffman Stadium save some dough. From my perspective, I can always appreciate it. The cost of attending a game kept me out of any professional stadium until I was an adult. If Kansas City makes small moves that make attending games less of a financial burden, I love it.

In the same vein, not all Royals fans know where and how to save money. Here are some of my favorite deals and how they make a Kauffman Stadium visit even better.

Dollar Dog Night presented by Price Chopper and Heinz

Let's get this straight: I am a sucker for Dollar Dog Night at any sporting event, but baseball especially. I went to Camden Yards last year for the Royals and Baltimore Orioles series, and a normal, hot-off-the-roller hot dog was $7. That was more than I paid for parking! Yeah, you can be jealous, Kauffman regulars.

In Kansas City, Dollar Dog Night is as simple as it sounds. Every Tuesday home game has $1 hot dogs. Not only is it a ballpark staple, but it is probably the simplest food at any sporting event. I have rushed from work to a baseball game, with no time for food in between. Cheap hot dogs are always my go-to for dinner, albeit an unhealthy one.

Baseball games, from a fan's perspective, have plenty of pillars, and the hot dog is one. This fan value is very simple and straightforward. On Tuesdays, the Royals host a variety of notable teams, including the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. A cheap way to fill a belly while watching a game is a win in my book.