All-time best KC Royals starting lineup based on WAR

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In the heartland of America, the Kansas City Royals have woven tales that resonate beyond the confines of Kauffman Stadium. From the euphoria of championship parades to the bleakest records, every chapter adds to the narrative of Royals baseball.

Let's settle the debate: what would the all-time KC Royals lineup be?

Every fan has their cherished memories and personal favorites. Whether it's reminiscing about George Brett's iconic moments or the excitement of discovering a new rookie sensation, the bonds between the Royals faithful and their team run deep. And while discussions about baseball's all-time greats are as old as the game itself, there's something uniquely captivating about envisioning the ultimate Royals lineup, bridging eras, and celebrating legends.

The beauty of baseball lies in its stories, and the Royals have a treasure trove. From players who've become household names to those who quietly made their mark, each has contributed to the mosaic of Royals' history. Appreciating each player can be hard, depending on the era or forgetfulness due to a poor team. This is where wins above replacement (WAR) comes in.

WAR measures a player's contribution by assigning a numerical value representing potential wins added to a team. Additionally, with its positional adjustment, WAR effectively evaluates players across various defensive roles, making it ideal for comparing individuals across positions.

As the offseason drags on, I was curious what an all-time Royals lineup would look like, but fWAR provides a solid tool to decide some close calls. If we look at primarily fWAR, what would that lineup look like?