4 White Sox trade targets for KC Royals (not named Luis Robert Jr.)

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A brand-new movie. The award-winning book on the shelf. That new town you're moving to. All of them could evoke passion, change your life, and offer untapped potential that escapes even your wildest dreams. That all applies similarly to the KC Royals ahead of the 2024 MLB trade deadline.

There is a lot of time between now and the July 30 deadline, and each could be that day. It could be the tweet we see announcing Luis Robert's arrival in the squad. It could be Kansas City propelling itself into a new team tier. It could be yet another moment where Royals fans must pinch themselves and ponder how special this squad is.

There is a significant distinction between those who could, should, or even will. Kansas City looks like a buyer ahead of the deadline, with some specific needs and minor trade capital to get it done. That is why they should cast their net far and wide, even within the AL Central.

The Chicago White Sox are the only clear sellers within the AL Central. Whether it be a lackluster roster, last-place record, or malleable direction, Chicago has every motivation to offload their valuable players for farm help. They have some top-tier players available, but Kansas City's more realistic targets may be a few rungs lower. Let's look at four different players and what they would bring to Kansas City.

John Brebbia

Isn't it astounding that there aren't 40 rounds in the MLB Draft anymore? Sure, 20 rounds still offer a large player pool, but that means pitcher John Brebbia may never have been drafted back in 2011.

The righty reliever is well-traveled, spending time with four MLB franchises and even rebounding from a 2014 stint in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. Now 34 years old, Brebbia has honed in his slider/fastball combination, both of which exhibit above-average movement, according to Baseball Savant.

Brebbia is on a one-year deal with the White Sox, so any price tag he has is relatively low. He isn't a marquee addition to the bullpen but rather a supplemental option as Kansa gears up for the postseason push. He ranks at or above the 90th percentile in both chase percentage and strikeout rate, despite having a lower-velocity fastball and slider.

The White Sox are a defensive liability behind any pitcher, so Brebbia may enjoy joining Kansas City and their excellent defensive infield. His 3.46 FIP would rank fifth in the Royals bullpen, while his 11.77 K/9 and 0.4 fWAR would lead that same group. Brebbia is a player that Kansas City should consider, whether as a lone target or part of a larger deal.