3 too-early trade partners that make too much sense for KC Royals

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The KC Royals need help. The on-field product in the past week has proven that. While fans should still believe in this team's playoff chances, they cannot ignore the massive gaps in this team's roster. The gaps that allow nine-run innings, the gaps that force offensive lapses, the gaps that prevent many Royals fans from believing this team is different.

The KC Royals are already looking at ways to improve this 2024 roster.

Kansas City still sits multiple games above .500, offering a comfort many MLB teams are unacquainted with currently. But the gap between the Royals and the AL Central-leading Cleveland Guardians continues to grow wider and wider. May's rough ending for the Royals only helped that gap grow. But, that stretch showed this team where they need to improve and urgently do so.

The MLB trade deadline is less than two months away, falling on July 30 this year. General manager J.J. Picollo was active at his first deadline leading the franchise, making five trades from July 31 to August 1, but many more well before the clock struck twelve.

Kansas City landed James McArthur on May 8, setting a precedent for early activity from the Picollo-led Royals. Now in June, could Kansas City make up some lost ground? The outfield and bullpen are in desperate need of new faces, but the Royals do not have much expendable talent to trade for the sake of trading. If they need to get ahead of the market to get their guy, the Royals need to.

Kansas City came to the table too late once already this year and missed out on possibly acquiring Luis Arráez. They cannot afford to make the same mistake again. Any trade takes two to tango, so here are some sensible dance partners this far ahead of the trade deadline.