4 things that could thrill KC Royals fans in 2024

After a bad season, how can the club excite its fans?
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Bringing back Zack Greinke could make many Kansas City fans happy

Not long ago, the mystery surrounding Zack Greinke seemed solved when it became clear he wants to continue pitching. Greinke, an almost certain first-ballot Hall of Fame selection after he retires, resolved the uncertainty about his baseball future in mid-December — he's searching for a place to continue his career.

Whether that venue is Kansas City remains to be seen; it's probably best that it not be, but the Royals reuniting with Greinke would please a not insignificant portion of their fanbase.

Why? Because Royal followers like Greinke. He isn't the pitcher he used to be — only teammate Jordan Lyles losing 17 games prevented Greinke's 15 from tying for most defeats in the majors — but his starts still draw crowds. And he can still pitch well, just not as often as before.

Then there's the huge milestone so easily within his grasp. Greinke finished the 2023 season with 2,979 career strikeouts, leaving him only 21 short of 3,000, a plateau only 19 major league pitchers have ever reached.

Kansas City fans would love to see Greinke achieve the feat as a member of the Royals. Will it happen? We shall see.

Another thing could make fans quite happy...