3 urgent moves the KC Royals must make after quiet winter meetings

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It is without a doubt that the Winter Meetings this year were an absolute dud. The Juan Soto trade to New York and Eduardo Rodríguez's signing with the Arizona Diamondbacks somewhat redeemed the meetings, but it was still a boring few days for fans. KC Royals fans can groan all they want about the team's lack of impact moves in Nashville, but that was also the case for most of baseball.

The KC Royals need to increase their urgency and results this offseason.

Yet, the offseason should kick up a notch once superstar Shohei Ohtani announces his next destination. He, along with pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, are the biggest dominoes MLB teams are waiting to fall. The Royals may not be in on either player, but players are likely waiting for clear options once the big-money players are signed.

Some fans respect the offseason process, but most simply want results. After Kansas City's terrible season and the front office repeating that they were better than their 106 losses, results need to happen. The Royals opted to retain most of their coaching staff despite lackluster player performance, and most of the 2023 roster is still under contract. Kansas City could be waiting to add players before moving on from underperforming ones, but moves need to start rolling in before the new year begins.

The fanbase needs a reason to believe. The front office needs to prove they are better than their predecessors. The ownership needs to invest in the payroll. Most of all, the Royals need to improve the on-field product. How should the Royals do all those things quickly and expeditiously?