3 KC Royals prospects who should get a September callup

The Royals have nothing to lose this year by calling up these prospects for some late-season evaluation.
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Anthony Veneziano

I am a known Anthony Veneziano fan. He is a player steadily rising through the Royals system, with various degrees at each level. His 2022 Double-A season put his prospect status on ince, but the lefty looks legit once again. Veneziano is a shining example of the minor-league pitching turnaround, and Veneziano vocally enjoys the changes.

“The energy is different,” Veneziano said. “The plans are a little bit more hand-in-hand with what I think. From Day 1, I just felt the confidence [coaches] have in me. And that gives me the confidence to believe that I’m good.”

These new pitching coaches and curated development plans saw Veneziano dominate in Double-A this season. He made eight starts with a 25.4 K-BB%, a 2.13 ERA, and sub-1 WHIP. All that production made him one of the Texas League's best pitchers, after being one of the worst the season prior.

He now has more starts in Triple-A than Double-A this season, and a settled-in Veneziano looks promising. In 10 starts since June 4, he has a 2.90 ERA, a 9.14 K/9, and a solid 64% strike percentage. He has occasionally rough outings, but few pitchers are dominant in every start. As the Royals struggle to pull together a proper starting rotation, Veneziano is their best option.

Cue the Rule 5 line. Veneziano was Rule 5 eligible last season, but his horrendous season ensured he stayeed with Kansas City. Now though, he looks ready for his MLB debut. Teams, contender or not, love controllable left-handed starters with a three-pitch mix. Another team will give Veneziano a shot at the rotation following the Rule 5 draft. If the Royals are smart and trust their new pitching development, they need to call up Veneziano and give him a shot. That includes 2024 and beyond.