3 KC Royals prospects who should get a September callup

The Royals have nothing to lose this year by calling up these prospects for some late-season evaluation.

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The KC Royals 2023 season has been over for quite a while now regarding a postseason chase. Royals fans have heard the evaluation season line all summer, but the evaluation in these final months may be the most important.

The KC Royals have some more evaluating to do this season.

Newcomers from the trade deadline like Nelson Velazquez or long-term minor leaguers like Logan Porter could warrant some evaluation at the major-league level in August and September. These two, and many more players, all need to prove themselves as future contributors to this ball club.

There are a ton of ways to measure when a prospect deserves the call. A good ball club won't rush a prospect and risk the, failing at the next level. Fans have seen countless players rush to the majors, only for the shock and adjustment to ruin their career before it even gets started.

One thing that I put a ton of weight into is a prospect's Rule 5 draft eligibility. I have seen some very good players, like Joakim Soria and Johan Santana, gained and lost via the Rule 5 draft. They are the exceptions, but losing a quality prospect to the winter's Rule 5 draft is rarely a good look.

But, a player's production at their respective level is the greatest factor. There is no point in making room for a player who struggles in Triple-A already. So, using these three factors and others, what Royals prospects could earn a very late-season callup in 2023?