3 former KC Royals we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we'll wish stayed

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Gone: Taylor Clarke

There was a time when I believed in Taylor Clarke. He had an above-average 2022 season with the Royals, and then a very good start to the 2023 season. But a reliever's fortunes can be fickle things, as can a person's opinion.

Clarke walked away from the 2023 season with several career worsts. His 1.610 WHIP and 5.95 ERA are two career lows, and those led to his -.2 fWAR season in Kansas City. Clarke had points where he looked like the bullpen's best reliever and then other times he looked like the worst in all of baseball. It was a polarizing season for the 30-year-old veteran.

The fact that Kansas City saw any return for Clarke is a minor MLB miracle. The Milwaukee Brewers sent minor leaguers Ryan Brady and Cam Devanney to the Royals for Clarke's services back in December. The move both allowed Kansas City to move on from Clarke but opened a much-needed roster spot for pitcher Seth Lugo. I call that an upgrade.

Clarke seems like a good guy. No one was buying his jersey from the team store, but he didn't stir the pot and seemed nice enough when we heard from him. But, I am not going to miss seeing him trot to the mound in any situation. He had his moments, but the bad ones far outweighed the good ones in 2023. I wish him the best of luck in Milwaukee.

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