KC Royals Trades: 4 high-value potential deals

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KC Royals, Scott Barlow
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Trading Scott Barlow could net the KC Royals even more pitching depth.

Barlow’s value per Baseball Trade Values: 11.10

Scott Barlow had the makings of a major trade deadline asset last season but the Royals kept their elite reliever. That shouldn’t be the case this year, though—Barlow turns 30 in December and for a team so far from contention, it makes sense to capitalize on his value now. Because bullpen arms are such hot commodities at every trade deadline, Barlow should bring good talent in return.

Although many contenders need relief help, these may be the best fits for a Barlow deal:

  • Toronto: 22nd in reliever fWAR
  • St Louis: 21st in reliever fWAR
  • New York: 19th in reliever fWAR
  • San Francisco: 18th in reliever fWAR

So, how about a deal with cross-state rival St. Louis?

Royals trade Barlow (11.10) for McGreevy (11.20)

McGreevy, 21 and Pipeline’s No. 8 Cardinal prospect, has good control and a 55-grade fastball, 55 slider, 50 curve, and 50 changeup. The Cards’ first-round pick in the 2021 amateur draft, he’s 5-2, 3.06 with a 1.5 BB9 across 11 High-A and Double-A starts.

This trade could also deepen the Royals’ pitching arsenal and improve their pitching future, but won’t bring immediate help at the big league level.