KC Royals gain some respect; see massive jump in power rankings

KC Royals (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals have made it clear that they want to continue their hot start to the season.

Just last week, it was written that the KC Royals were still sitting low in the power rankings. Even after a hot start to the season, it seemed that many were waiting to see what would actually happen once they got a little further in.

Apparently, the Royals have done enough to gain some respect. Jumping up 13 spots, Kansas City is now sitting at number seven in the power rankings after being ranked 20th last week.

"Biggest jump: Two teams jumped 13 spots: the A’s, from 15 to 2, and the Royals, from 20 to 7. Since the A’s are in the top five, we’ll dedicate this space to the Royals, who, at 13-7, have the third-best record in baseball, behind only the Dodgers (15-7) and the A’s (14-8). This is their best start since 2015, when those Royals opened the season 14-6. And we know how that season turned out. mlb.com"

While the power rankings mean very little in the grand scheme of things, for fans of a team like the Royals, they can have a different impact.

Year after year, Kansas City fans are likely not surprised to see the Royals low in the rankings to start no matter what they may have done in the previous season or over the offseason (unless this is during the 2014-15 seasons, of course).

Even when things go right for the team, it’s usually written off as some sort of luck and while the Royals may get a courtesy bump in the rankings, it’s not typically much and in some other rankings, is typically followed by a paragraph about what they are doing wrong instead of what is going right.

So, when a big jump is seen, it can often spark some excitement knowing that the team is finally getting some recognition for what they are doing.

There have been plenty of issues throughout the season so far, but what’s most important for the Royals is that they are pushing through the struggle and finding positives. Whether it’s issues on the mound or errors by the defense, they are finding ways to win games.

The effort has truly been one put up by the entire team, lifting each other when someone needs a little help, and they deserve the respect they are now getting.

Kansas City coming off of a four-game sweep of the Tigers and will now see two against the Pirates and three against an underperforming Twins. They need to continue to rack up wins to stay out in front of the White Sox but so far, it looks like Kansas City isn’t cooling down any time soon.

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The KC Royals are finally getting some respect and have jumped to number 7 in the power rankings. A mother sweep and series win this week could see them move up even more.