The KC Royals are doing exactly what they need to do

KC Royals (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

While there may be some concern now, there are also some good signs from the KC Royals.

The baseball season is finally in full swing and the KC Royals have played seven games. Even better, they currently have a winning record at 4-3. Still, there may be a few things that are concerning to some fans.

The starting pitching has been a struggle for everyone at times except for Danny Duffy (and Jakob Junis). Keller is currently sitting at an ERA of 19.29 while Singer is at 13.50, each going less than the desired amount of innings in each of their appearances so far and falling victim to walks and home runs.

Mike Minor put up better numbers yesterday to help even out his stats, though he still only managed to go 4 innings deep. That’s not going to be enough, even for the Royals bullpen.

The Royal’s offense allowed the pitching to struggle through the first two days without a loss but has since gone a little cold. Carlos Santana is struggling at the plate and his on-base percentage is down so far, Jorge Soler and Salvador Perez have each started off slower than hoped, Andrew Benintendi still hasn’t regained his previous form, and while he has played in fewer games, Hunter Dozier hasn’t recorded a hit.

Now, having read those quick stats, it may be difficult for one to believe that the Royals really do have a winning record and are currently sitting at second in the American League Central after a full week of games.

Of course, it is just seven games. While it is the regular season and games mean more than in spring training, there is a lot of the season left in which just about anything could happen. Still, there is an important takeaway from what has been seen so far.

The Royals aren’t just winning some games, they are finding a way to win tough ones.

While there has been some late-game support from the bullpen, the Royal offense has still had to put in the work. In three of their wins, Kansas City has had to come from behind.

On opening day against Texas, the Royals were down 5 early and answered back with 5. The Rangers continued to score and while the Royals of the past few seasons may have given in and finished the game behind, the 2021 Royals rallied to bat in more runs. This happened again the next night and in an even more exciting game yesterday against the White Sox.

When things got tough over the last few seasons, especially in later innings, it was often expected the Royals would fold but things are looking to be different this year. Even when they are down, the players aren’t giving up and they are making things happen, whether it takes a home run or going back to playing small ball.

While there is still a lot that can change, this quick observation for the Royals could be what sets them apart from others, especially their AL Central rivals during the 2021 season. To keep up with everyone else, the Royals needed to be versatile and able to win in different ways and so far, they have shown this.

The Royals split the series with Cleveland, and while there is still one game to be played later, they are 1-1 in their series against the White Sox. Winning these series as the season progresses will be crucial if they want to see the postseason, but splitting them is a good start right now.

There is plenty of season left to play, but one this is for sure, this Royals team looks different. Even in tough situations and when dealing with underperformance, they are finding a way to win.

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The KC Royals currently hold a winning record even with plenty of struggle. If everything can start to click, the winning may come even easier.