KC Royals sign pitcher Brad Brach to minor league deal

Brad Brach (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Brad Brach (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals enjoy reclamation projects, and their newest veteran signing could have a bounce-back 2021.

When the off-season began, fans of the KC Royals weren’t exactly sure what to expect. GM Dayton Moore had been talking a big game about wanting to win, but fans typically know better than to get their hopes too high.

Moore seemed to keep his word, though, as the Royals offseason got off to a quick start with some bigger than usual signings and eventually even a multi-team trade that brought Andrew Benintendi to Kansas City.

Of course, the Royals have also made some of their typical veteran reclamation project signings as well. While fans were likely interested to see Wade Davis and Ervin Santana come back to Kansas City on minor league deals, the Royals have announced another veteran will be at camp, Brad Brach.

Brach is an interesting sign for the Royals, but one that could pay off. Brach spent the first few years of his career with San Diego but really found his footing with Baltimore from 2014 to 2018, making an All-Star appearance in 2016.

Brach has typically struggled with walks, but has decent crowd control, often seeing an ERA and FIP below 4.00.

In 496 career games, and 522.2 innings pitched, Brach has an ERA of 3.39 and FIP of 3.76 along with a BB/9 of 4.2 and SO/9 of 9.6.

Brach, unfortunately, didn’t have as good of a 2019 and 2020 as his numbers may suggest though.

In 54.1 innings split between the Mets and Chicago in 2019, Brach pitched to an EA of 5.47, seeing a bump in his BB/9 to 5.1 through his FIP sat at 3.73.

Then in 2020, over only 12.1 innings, Brach struggled with walks again, jumping to 10.2 BB/9, an FIP of 6.68 and ERA of 5.84.

While the Royals are obviously hoping Brach can tap into his prior form and reduce the walks, the risk they are taking on the veteran is minimal.

Of course, Brach is being brought in on a minor league deal, but the Mets are still on the hook for a majority of Brach’s salary for 2021. If he makes the major league roster, the Royals will only have to pay him the league minimum.

Brach has his work cut out for him if he wants a spot on the roster though. He is competing with other veterans such as Davis and Santana, but also the hoard of minor league prospects who are all fighting for their first taste of major league action.

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The Royals have signed right-handed reliever Brad Brach to a minor league deal. While Brach has some work to do to make the team, this is a deal that could really pay off for Kansas City.