KC Royals: Josh Staumont was impressive in 2020

KC Royals, Josh Staumont (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Josh Staumont (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals found a piece of their future during the 2020 season in a flame-throwing reliever who made sure everyone knew who he was.

One thing that is always nice to see as a fan of a certain team, is that team being mentioned in articles and news and the players being recognized. For the KC Royals, while there are a select few who have been talked about in recent years, it’s not every day that Kansas City fans are seeing praise pieces that include their favorite team.

When this does happen, it’s important. It shows that this team that has been in a rebuild may actually be on the right track.

For 2020, it was no surprise to see Salvador Perez get plenty of praise, and Brady Singer found some fame as well, adapting to major league pitching and almost seeing a no-hitter. Now, Josh Staumont is getting some love, and according to MLB.com’s David Adler, was one of 9 rookie pitchers who made a big impression during the 2020 season.

Satumont was likely one name that many fans knew. He was fairly new to the bullpen, but had been making his way through the Royals minor league systems since 2015 and was known for his high strikeout rate and velocity, along with some control issues.

He got a chance in 2019, but it wasn’t until 2020 where Staumont really showed what he could do. He struggled with his velocity and couldn’t get his strikeouts during the 2019 season. In 2020, over 25.2 innings, he struck out 37, and while he struggled with control as well, walking 16, he held an ERA of 2.45 and FIP of 3.54.

Also of importance, Staumont found his velocity again. He posted updates through the offseason and delay showing his speed and when it came time for the season, he was able to deliver, throwing some of the fastest pitches in the major leagues for 2020.


Staumont proved that he could be an asset in the Royals bullpen and has already made a name for himself in his short time in the majors. Here’s what MLB.com had to say about Staumont:

"Who would’ve guessed what the Royals would have in Staumont? The 27-year-old showed impressive velocity in a cup of coffee in 2019, but it was nothing like what he brought in 2020. All of a sudden, his fastball turned into the biggest fastball in the Majors. Staumont didn’t touch 100 mph once in 2019; in 2020, he hit triple digits 36 times, including 101 mph 20 times and 102 mph twice. Staumont threw the fastest overall pitch in MLB in 2020 — 102.2 mph, tied with one by Jacob deGrom. He also had the fastest strikeout pitch — 102.0 mph — and four of the top five. Staumont notched more 100-plus mph strikeouts (eight) and 101-plus mph strikeouts (five) than any other pitcher, on top of being the only one with a 102 mph K. MLB.com"

Staumont still has a lot to prove and must show that he can continue to put up these impressive numbers over a full season. As long as he keeps his velocity up, though, the Royals will have a force in the bullpen for years to come.

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Josh Staumont was listed as a 2020 rookie pitcher who made a big impression.