KC Royals alternate focus going forward could be on depth

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The KC Royals have made some moves to add to their overall lineup, but ensuring they have needed depth should be high on their list as well.

It’s likely that KC Royals fans are having a bit more fun than usual so far during this offseason. While there are definitely bigger names the Royals could have signed, so far, making moves at all this early has been a nice change of pace.

It was expected that Kansas City would look to improve a few areas through free agency, but many would have found it hard to believe if told the Royals would make a couple larger (for them), and some multi-year signings to get things really going.

Now, many are left wondering what is next. It has been said that Kansas City would still like to find a big, left hitting bat to plug into the lineup, and this would most likely come in the outfield. There is also the chance that another pitcher could find his way onto the roster, most likely as a reliever.

Where the Royals may turn their focus now, though, is on depth. Ryan Lefebvre mentioned a need for depth in mid-December, and after seeing the 2020 season, he’s exactly right.

The Royals struggled through portions of 2020. They had to find starting pitchers at times, Hunter Dozier spent some time unavailable, and while Salvador Perez lit things up while he was up to bat, he still missed a large portion of the season. Over the course of a full season, these things may not have had as much of an impact as they would in a 60 game season, but it’s still something that must be addressed.

The outfield, especially if another big bat is added, might be in the best shape as far as depth goes. There are plenty of prospects and players that have been brought into the organization that could easily find some time in the fields of Kauffman.

The infield has some depth as well, with both Ryan McBroom and Ryan O’Hearn able to cover first, Whit Merrifield able to move in as needed, but quickly, other positions will start to thin out if multiple players go down.

Of course, this may be a worst-case scenario situation, but for the Royals, it’s typically best to assume the worst could happen.

This is why fans could see the Royals looking more towards smaller contracts to finish up their offseason. Finding some guys who can contribute as backups when needed will be important to ensure they can get through the 2021 season and finish strong no matter what happens.

If the Royals can find some depth and prepare for even the worst of situations, they will be that much closer to being a team that can contend.

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The KC Royals may switch their focus to finding depth now that they have added some players to help improve the team overall.